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Hi, This is Christina Graham with Rover Made Over (Mobile Dog Groomer).

I have been a dog groomer and/or a surgical vet tech for over 15 years. In those years I've seen dog vitamins that have been good and some potentially harmful to pets. In all my experience though, I have yet to come across a dog vitamin that has produced the results of NuVet Labs. Results that I have personally witnessed.

Your dog's itching could be a potentially serious issue or it could (and most likely is) due to an allergy or vitamin and mineral deficiency that can be solved simply by adding a quality dog vitamin supplement.

I created this website to help educate pet owners about the importance and selection of quality dog vitamins. So even if you chose not to use pet industry recommended NuVet Labs, you'll have the knowledge necessary to properly choose a quality dog vitamin.

To your pets health,



Dog Itching But No Fleas?

Puppy Dog ItchingIt can be painful to watch your dog itching constantly. The annoying itching goes on day and night driving you and your beloved dog crazy without any relief.

But it gets worse, the constant itching and scratching can lead to loss of hair and bleeding or worse!

So how do you stop your dog from itching?

First and most obviously you must determine the root cause of the itching.

Here are some of the most common causes for itchy skin: (Minus the possible flea scenario!)


Mange is a persistant and contagious canine skin disease caused by microscopic mites that make your dog's skin its home.

These mites embed themselves in the skin or hair causing severe itching and eventual hair loss.

Diagnosis of mange is usually determined by taking your dog to the vet and the vet then performing a "skin scraping" from multiple areas of the dog.

The scrapings are then examined under a microscopet to determine if the mange causing mites are present.

As a caveat, Sarcoptic Mange mites are generally lower in numbers, therefore might not always be present under the microscope from a skin scraping.

There is a simple test that can be performed with astonishing acuracy. Take the dog's ear in your hand and gently scratch it.

If the dog raises his hind leg in a scratching motion, it is very likely that your dog has mange being that the mites gravitate towards the ears.

There are two basic types of canine mange and each one has characteristic symptoms of its own.

1) Sarcoptic Mange

sarcoptic mange, also known as "scabies", is a very highly contagious form of mange. This type of mange is capable of affecting humans, cows, pigs, cats and many other species as well.

The mites burrow through the skin, leaving a crusting and causing severe itching. Due to the severe itching, hair loss and skin infections are common due to the constant scratching.

First and foremost in the treatment of Sarcoptic Mange is to isolate the dog and their bedding from all other dogs as it is highly contageous.

The bedding must then be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Any other dog that has come into contact or was in direct exposure of the infected dog must be properly evaluated as well for signs of mange.

There are a number of treatments available, but most are only available with a prescription from a vet.

2) Demodectic Mange

Demodectic mange also goes by "Red Mange" or "Demodicosis" and is caused by a particular sensitivity to the infectious mite.

If a dog's immune system is unable to keep the mites under control, demodectic mange will develop.

This type of mange is more prevalant in older dogs and dogs with weakened immune systems.

Demodectic mange is not very contagious and is generally only transferred from puppy to mother during nursing.

Therefore, dogs do not need to be isolated when it is determined that they have this type of mange.

Many puppies will outgrow this type of mange as their immunne system matures and strengthens.

Treatment of Demodectic mange can also be treated with a veteranarian prescribed medicine aimed at killing the mites.


"Perky and happy again!"

Thank you so much for your product.  I recently was astonished to notice that my shepherd lab mix had mange on his belly and back and legs. At first I thought it had to be something else, scratching and biting at fleas as he is an outside dog, but all the signs pointed to mange. 

I started Bud on your product last week, and he has stopped itching and has grown almost ALL of his missing hair back.  He is perky and happy again!  I was skeptical when I ordered, but your product has made me a believer.  I have started our other dog on the product as well as a preventive measure.  

Ronda M.

Psychological Issues

Psychological issues are unfortuneately the hardest to determine and treat. Most issues have to do with some sort of anxiety that your dog is experiencing.

Below is a list of the most common anxieties your pet will face.

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Travel Anxiety

  • Noise Anxiety

  • Change Anxiety

Separation anxiety is probably the most common type of anxiety facing dogs today.

Some treatments for separation anxiety are recommended below.

  • Exercise - You may be surprised to know that a lack of exercise can be a huge problem for dogs as much of that pent up energy will be released in either outwardly destructive or inwardly destructive patterns.

  • Proper Obedience Training - A new dog (especially) needs to know that you are the "pack leader" of the house. Many will be confused not knowing what role they play. Obedience training is important and will train your dog to know it is alright when you leave the house and that as your position of the "alpha dog", you will protect and care for them.

  • For more severe cases, your vet can prescribe a medicine designed to promote calming in your dog.

The following two conditions account for most of the dog itching conditions when flea infestations are eliminated.

Nutritional issues

Nutritional deficiencies can undoubtedly cause itchy, dry skin in your dog. Believe it or not, most commercial dog foods do not contain all of the nutritional requirements that your dog needs to maintain optimum health.

Much more effort is put into dog food marketing and taste than acually creating a dog food with the optimal dietary requirements that your dog needs.

This condition can be easily combatted with a quality dog vitamin that will provide the additional nutrients and minerals that your dog's food alone just doesn't provide.

"Itching Cleared"
These pictures are of Mitzi, a Bichon who chewed her bottom mercilessly!
 Bichon ItchingBichon Not Itching
After 30 days on NuVet, her itching cleared and after a good grooming, all the orange hair where she had been chewing was gone and replaced with pretty white fur! 
Thank you for making such a great product!

Marthe W.
North Carolina


Allergies in your dog can be caused by many different factors. Dogs can be particularly vulnerable to a whole host of environmental irritants. As in humans, our dogs can develop an inappropriate immune response to certain substances.

Airborne allergies such as pollen, dust and mold can cause allergic itching as well.

Although it is quite difficult to eliminate airborne substances all together, you can use hypo allergenic air filters in your house and increase your cleaning ritual to eliminate as many of these particular allergens as possible.

One of the most common and often overlooked causes of dog allergies is the dog food they are consuming. As in humans, food allergies are very prevalant. This may be as simple as changing your dogs food.

Finding the dog food that relieves all of your dogs allergic itching may be very difficult because a lot of the commercial dog foods manufactured use much of the same ingredients.

The first line of defense for your dog is to ensure that they have the proper diet and nutrition.

Providing quality dog foods that contain plenty of good sources of protein, and that are low in grains and meat by products will ensure that your dog has a healthy digestive system and a boosted immune system.

Supplementing your dogs diet with a quality dog vitamin will ensure that your dog will have the optimum dietary requirements to maintain a healthy immune defense against allergies.


We’d like to suggest the NuVet Plus line of supplements.

Based upon our own research and personal experience, we’ve come to believe that NuVet Plus is the finest line of dog vitamin supplements available. So much so that NuVet is the ONLY supplement brand we endorse.

We’re not exactly alone in that opinion. NuVet is used by many of the world’s top dog breeders and groomers. And in 2009, readers of the world’s most widely read magazine for dog lovers, Dog Fancy, voted NuVet the best pet supplement available.


Dog Vitamin Supplement

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"Has had ZERO problems"

This is lengthy but worth reading. We have an English Springer, 91/2 yrs. old who started having itchy skin episodes (at about 3 years old) that began with her spring drop in coat. It accelerated over the years to a nonstop situation where she had to wear an e-collar nearly 24/7 to keep her from causing large bloody sores mostly on her rump, belly & legs. 

We had 4 different vets look at her and she took countless medications and lab tests to try and diagnose and control the obvious miserable state she was in. All of the vets were stumped as to what was going on.

Additionally, we tried every main dog food and shampoo available but there was no relief. (It was confirmed she had no outside influence - such as allergies or parasites - that caused this.) We had nearly reached the decision to have her euthanized to end her agony especially when she would look at us with desperation in her eyes pleading for help. We can't tell you how it tore us up watching her in total misery. 

Last Christmas 2009, we got a dog for my sister and we selected Doberman puppy (4 months old). The breeder stated "I don't care what you feed this dog (meaning kibble) as long as it is 18% protein and give her these." It was a bottle of your NuVet Plus vitamins.

She raved on and on about how wonderful it was for all dogs for all types of problems AND preventions. We told her about Mandy, the Springer, and she said she was positive it would definitely help and possibly cure her issues. I have to admit I went away saying yeah, sure just like all the other products we had tried. 
English Springer Itching
We went ahead and started giving her the tablets and in THREE days time she had TOTALLY stopped itching (except the occasional natural itch) and all the sores rapidly healed up. 

Her worst time of year is the spring when she blows her coat so I deliberately waited this long to see if her old issues resurfaced before writing to you. Well, she has finished blowing coat and she has had ZERO problems. In fact, her coat is incredibly softer and her natural liver brown color is returning.

We started her on the tablets the last week of Dec 2009 and we make sure she NEVER misses a dose. An added note, she was diagnosed with bone cancer of her right leg the first week of January 2010 and since starting the tablets, the growth has not gotten any larger (as of this writing 28 March 2010.)

Was it because of the tablets? I don't know but I DO know she is a much happier dog who acts like a puppy again and we can't thank you enough. PLEASE don't ever change your formula – it’s the ONLY thing that has worked for her. 

Diane and Darlene
North Carolina

Do yourself and your dog a favor and at least give them a try. You won't regret it.

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"Scratching less and the smell was fading"

Thank you so much for your help. You probably don't remember,  but I had called and asked your advice about my “peek-a-pom”.  

He smelled absolutely terrible, itching constantly, biting himself until he was raw, losing a lot of his hair on his back, and his skin was turning black. He also had open areas on his skin. He was a pitiful sight.  I tried different shampoos, etc. hoping to give him some relief.  
In fact, I was checking online for help when I ran across the NuVet site. I started him on the vitamins with some hope but a lot of skepticism. I was told to give him 8 weeks to see if it would help. 

In a matter of 2 weeks, I was noticing he was scratching less and the smell was fading. He now has a full coat of hair, has a lot more energy, smells like a normal dog, and doesn't gross people out any more. It had gotten to the place where it was hard to even pet him anymore because of how bad he smelled and looked. 

I am now a firm believer in NuVet and am letting other people know about it. Thank you so much!!

Charlotte P.

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